Company Profile

Offering all our stakeholders – above and beyond our clientele – a ‘good value proposition’ that is, a ‘win-win solution’ is what always takes precedence for us at Third Wave International (TWI).

We firmly believe that good value propositions form the best foundation for every sustainable business relationship and attribute our success that we have enjoyed in all areas of our operations – Consulting, Training, Research and Partnering – primarily to this formula.

Established in 2008, Third Wave International (TWI) is headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company extends services as a ‘Change Management Agent’ in the core areas of Business Strategy, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Research,Project Management and Training and Development.

The passion, skills and high-calibre of the internal consultants and the company’s strong ties with an external panel of accomplished international consultants serve as the backbone for TWI’s Consultancy and Training operations.

Through its deep-rooted commitment towards providing the business industry with efficient value propositions, the company takes pride in identifying and introducing best–fit strategic alliances and developing effective “Go to Market Models” for its representative business partners.

TWI has always focused on neutrally facilitating change within an organisation rather than plugging-in and plugging-out of projects. This connected approach, which is quintessential in implementing solutions for change, has paved way for a strong client relationship bond during and after any project that is undertaken.

TWI’s success lies in its high service quality standards in providing effective customised long term solutions combined with its highly diverse team who has the proven ability to understand the cultural environment of the market. This is reflected in TWI’s unblemished track record.