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Dilip de S. Wijeyeratne Chief Executive Officer and Joint Managing Director
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Stefan Moraes Joint Managing Director
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Organization success revolves around its ability to adopt to the changing environment on a timely and expeditious manner.

TWI consultancy and business model supports the public and private sector in managing and facilitate their enterprise renewals or change smoothly and efficiently through its three core consultancy offerings People, Processes and Information.

Why TWI? Instead of undertaking these change initiatives internally is an often asked question. TWI brings an element of Independence and neutrality, Expertise in form and structure to manage and facilitate change, its research & market intelligence and its experience emanating from its team of consultants and representative partners across the globe.

Our client engagement commences with the buy in from CEO and the top team. The client’s business challenge and our diagnosis is debated to arrive at a collective solution to ensure it implementation is sustainable and optimum results are achieved.

Our people are empowered to deliver with passion and commitment and thrives on research and continuous learning to stay ahead of the best practices.

We leave behind a transparent and desired solution, implemented by empowered client teams to ensure long term sustainability. Our partnerships are always an enjoyable journey and achieve positive change to enable the organizations achieve the desired strategic imperatives.

We look forward to engaging with you and confident and assure you that your experience will be unique, engaged, friendly and an enjoyable one.