Service Blueprinting - Started November 2012 | Ended November 2013

‘Service Quality Innovation’ - this unique project comprised of key distinct phases which aimed at a leading organization embarking on efforts for service transformation. The 1 year assignment focused on providing a ‘dual thrust’ – that is, achieving simultaneous improvements – with regard to service quality and Human Resource practices/capabilities, in order to improve customer service within the Bank.


Service Masters - Started May 2013 | Ended June 2013

Service masters is a mindset changing programme that was introduced KHCB in order to change the employees’ perception of customer service eventually leading to developed and improved standards. The programme consisted of 10 modules with the core message of reliability, recovery and responsiveness.


Yusif Bin Yusif Fakhro (YBYF)

The 60 year old company was keen to change – a change that will involve its people. The spot light fell on the “Performance Appraisal” exercise. The Consultants developed a solution bearing in mind. The rollout that followed reinforced the learning. The solution resulted in the managers objectively sharing feedback with their team members.  


Bahrain Duty Free
The staff conference was an annual event. Facts and figures, monotonous speeches and staff announcements. In short disengaging and boring. The Consultants were challenged to make a sizeable impact in 450 staff members over a period of 3 months. It turned out be a 4 day high energy training programme followed by impact measurement for 12 weeks at the duty free outlets in the airport. Significant improvement was observed in customer service and a sizeable increment in the turnover. The annual conference became an event of the past.

Development of Values – Started September 2011 | Ended December 2011

BIC made an effort to deploy ‘Human Resource Best Practices’ to enhance performance, engagement and motivation of its employees and to build a strong, enduring and aligned work culture. TWI was entrusted with the development and roll out of the corporate values for the company.

Through discussion with over 60% of the employees, the consultants were able to develop 10 values which were summarised into 3 core values; Pride, Passion and Performance. All 100+ staff members were inducted to the values through an interactive roll out programme which took employees through the process of understanding their own individual values and how they could be aligned to that of the organisation.


Development of a L&D Department – Started May 2012 | Ended May 2013

TWI was entrusted again in a second project with BIC, the task of setting up detailed policies and procedures and the roll out of a comprehensive training and development department. The objective of the assignment was to ensure staff are adequately trained and evaluated throughout the year in an effort to increase staff learning both on and off the job as well as increase staff motivation and satisfaction.

The project required the TWI consultants to support the HR team in conducting TNA’s, evaluating training requirements for the organisation and prioritization, utilisation of government funding for training and managing the functions of a L&D department.

Mystery Audits - Started January 2014 | Ended December 2014

In order to establish itself as the leading exchange house in the kingdom BFC took the initiative to monitor and improve its service offering. In order to gain a better understanding of its current service levels, TWI conducted a total of 1050 Mystery audits over a span of 9 months. Quarterly reports were provided to the client, which also included the results of audits conducted on their core competitors. As part of the improvement programme, 6 awareness creation sessions were conducted for 150 selected front line staff. The programmes themed ‘service champions’ gave the opportunity for employees of the organisation to drive service quality.

Bahraini Growing Module (RETAIL) - Started May 2012 | Ended June 2014

Azadea needed to hire Bahrainis to meet labour requirements. It was evident that the Bahraini talent in the market was not meeting the skill levels required by the international franchise and they found retail jobs socially unacceptable. Hence the company approached TWI for a solution. The Consultants in collaboration with Singapore Retailers Association designed a program to equip the young employees with the technical skills. The mindset change training solution “Service Masters”, effectively addressed the social stigma and extended ownership. A foundation was laid to groom 60 Bahrainis into retail talent. The challenge continues.  

Grooming Bahraini Hospitality Talent (GBHT) - Started January 2014 | Ended January 2015

Furthering on Bahrain’s vision of Bahrainization, Kempinski Hotel expressed the desire to recruit and groom a group of 25 young Bahrainis in order to help them build a career in the hospitality trade. This one year project was initiated with an induction programme followed by the technical training conducted by industry experts, William Anglis and concluded with a mindset change on service masters.


Training Partner Monitoring Agency (TPMA) – Started December 2008 | Ended July 2012

The inaugural project managed by TWI, was to monitor all of the training service providers (TSP’s) entrusted by Tamkeen to deliver training for the Human Capital Department of a Semi government entity. Over the period of 4 years TWI monitored over 35 TSP’s .

The project covered over 10,000 beneficiaries and over the duration of the assignment TWI conducted 300 Focus Groups, 3,000 evaluations amongst beneficiaries and delivered over 100 reports to the semi government entity.

The assignment was integral in ensuring Tamkeen met its strategic objective as well as ensuring their interests were met.


HR Workshops – Started December 2011 | Ended January 2014

TWI in partnership with DeakinPrime, Australia designed a solution based on the 70:20:10 model encouraging 70% of the learning to be continued at the workplace.

An aggregate of 330 HR practitioners and leaders from 120 organisations benefitted over a period of 2 years. The assignment revolved around 5 core HR modules namely; Performance Management, Training & Development, Recruitment & Selection, Coaching & Mentoring & Bahrain Labour Law. In total 11 workshops were delivered. The trainers in concern effectively used the adult learning principles to inculcate best practices of HR.

Following the workshop some of the beneficiaries took steps to “Transform HR into a strategic business partner” by engaging in change initiatives with a tangible outcome in their organizations.