AZADEA Continue to Develop Retail Talent

Published: September 07, 2016

A formal ceremony was held to mark the graduation of the second group of Bahrainis enrolled in “Bahraini Growing Model Retail Talent” programme, which is offered to enhance the skills and capabilities of Bahrainis in line with market needs and boost their employability.
17 Bahrainis received both the “Effective Retail Selling Skills” and “Bahraini Growing Model” certificates at the ceremony, increasing the total number of Bahrainis who completed the programme to 34. In total, 60 Bahrainis are set to benefit from the programme.
The programme, which was launched in 2012 by Tamkeen, encompasses a 4-month intensive retail training course for new Bahraini recruits of AZADEA Group, one of the region’s largest lifestyle and fashion retailers in the MENA region. The training is delivered by leading consultancy Third Wave International (TWI).
Mr. Jamal Jasim, the Group HR Manager of AZADEA, delivered the opening address at the ceremony “Today we celebrate yet another milestone with the graduation of the second batch of the ‘Bahraini Growing Model Retail Talent’ programme. We are extremely proud of our graduates and welcome them to the AZADEA family. I am fully confident these youngsters will become the managers of tomorrow.
“Tamkeen has demonstrated again that every initiative matters, serving as yet another stepping stone towards building the future of Bahrain. On behalf of AZADEA, I would like to thank you for being the cornerstone of this programme,” Mr. Jasim added.
Commenting on the milestone Tamkeen's Acting Vice-President for Human Capital Development Mrs. Amal Al-Kooheji said, "More than 56,000 Bahrainis have benefited from Tamkeen’s initiatives which aim to equip Bahrainis with the skills they need to thrive and excel
in the market. The Retail sector is a growing field which offers ample opportunities for young ambitious Bahrainis, and we seek through the ‘Bahraini Growing Model Retail Talent Programme’ to enable them to achieve their potential in this exciting field.”
TWI’s CEO and Joint Managing Director, Dilip de S Wijeyeratne, stated. “We are delighted to have successfully completed the training for the first two batches of the ‘Bahraini Growing Model Retail Talent Programme’. We are confident that the training and mindset changes made to these young Bahraini graduates during the extensive training will have a positive impact and facilitate a career in retail within AZADEA Group, and create opportunities for more graduates to join the retail sector moving forward.”
The third and the final group of 26 recruits are schedule to commence their training in September 2013.  
At the ceremony, the graduates expressed their gratitude to Tamkeen, AZADEA, and Third Wave International for this leading initiative. One of the graduates, Saleh Hasan said, “It is a great honour for me to be part of this programme. This training was a welcome change from the usual daily routine and brought a new exciting atmosphere to my work life.”
Another graduate, Batool Yusuf Ebrahim, stated “I am really proud to be part of this program which has helped me immensely in so many ways. It changed my attitude and empowered me to think differently about customer service.”
Since its inception in 2006, 75,000 Bahrainis and enterprises in the private sector benefited from Tamkeen’s support programmes, with more 100,000 beneficiaries set to benefit from these programmes in all.