TWI’s very own Huzeifa Adamally delivers TED talk focusing on youth unemployment

Published: January 02, 2017

In his TEDx Sakhir talk Huzeifa Adamally, Senior Consultant at TWI argues that it is time for youngsters in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East to work and study simultaneously to have a better chance in landing a job in the future. By referring to his own childhood experience of working in a Domino’s Pizza franchise in his home country he supports his argument with a list of benefits that a young kid could gain if he or she decided to earn their own money without the support of their parents. Huzeifa being a professional market researcher provides eye-opening statistics about the status of unemployment and population growth in the Middle East and compares it to other regions in the world. 

Huzeifa Adamally is a curious researcher who is seeking answers to questions that few think of asking. With nearly a decade of experience in the consulting and training field, Mr. Adamally has experienced at a young age the feeling of having both feet in deep-waters of the corporate world and therefore aims to create a more merit based world.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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